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All Classes Moved to Our 124 Street Location

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New Class Types and Class Times start Monday September 23

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All Whyte Ave classes have been moved to our 124 Street location. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you. If you have any questions, please call Michael at 780.700.2332 or email
Location Info: 10619-124 street

Parking at our 124 Street location is
FREE and plentiful:
- Morning classes - 124 Street Northbound is unrestricted until 3:30 pm
- Afternoon and evening classes - 124 Street Southbound is 2 hour parking until 1:30 pm and then unrestricted for the rest of the day

Getting to our 124 Street location is easier and faster than you think

Our sudden move from our Whyte Ave location was not intentional or planned. We are currently trying to find space to re-open in the Whyte Ave area and hope to find a resolution within 1 to 3 months. All long-term pass holders will have their passes extended to make up for the disruption.

If you are interested, here is what happened...

We received a letter from our landlord stating Bikram Yoga Edmonton had terminated their lease with First Capital and was required to pay $21,000 by August 26, 2013. This letter came to me out of the blue as I had been in direct contact with our Property Manager, Andrew just a few days before receiving it. I had also communicated to Andrew and First Capital well in advance, my plans to rebrand Bikram Yoga Edmonton to bē HOT YOGA. When I questioned Andrew on the letter, he said it was a formality that was initiated by our name change. I asked if I should be worried about it and he told me he would talk to his bosses about getting a new lease in place under the bē HOT YOGA name.

Tuesday, August 27, a few days later, the next I heard on the issue was from one of our teachers who called to tell me there was a Sherif there with an order to change the locks on behalf of First Capital and the letter was signed by Andrew. They kicked everyone out in the middle of our 7:00 pm class and there was nothing I could do as Andrew was not answering his cell phone.

The next day Wednesday August 28, I went to see Andrew at First Capital to find out what was going on. I asked if we could get a lease until March or anything, even a month to give us time to relocate. I had a cheque in my pocket and was willing to sign a new lease on the spot. Andrew again said he would talk to his bosses and see what he could do.

Andrew seemed very supportive of our situation and my perception at the time was this was an accident that occurred due to the formal processes in place at a large leasing company. Now that the human situation was explained and made clear I was confident a resolution would be found within a matter of days if not hours.

I called Andrew to find out the status of our new lease and he referred me to Rochelle in First Capital's Leasing Department. At that point I wrote Rochelle an email outlining my proposed short term lease that would take us to March 2014. I explained how we had been a tenant since 2004 and had paid almost $600,000 in rent during that period. I also explained if we could not have until March any amount of time even a month or two would help us find a solution for our clients.

The next day I received an email from Greg Lindgren, Senior Property Manager stating "...we are not in a position to continue with your Tenancy at this space...". This was devastating news.

I attempted to contact Mr Lindgren, but my calls and voicemails went unanswered.

The way we were treated by First Capital was unethical and underhanded. The Leasing Department clearly has plans for our space, either to combine it with the empty bay next door or rent it to another tenant. Whatever their plans, they provided no explanation of why they ended a 9 year business relation in this DB move or what their plans were for the space.

This is not the first time First Capital has acted in this underhanded manner. First Capital forced John, the owner of Magoo's next door to us out earlier this year. John's lease was up and the only way he could renew was to pay double his current rate. John was not able to pay this inflated rate and went onto a month to month lease. First Capital made a deal with Liquor Depot to take John's business and convert it into a Liquor Depot location. This left John's family business out on the street, a business he and his wife had invested their lives into.

First Capital clearly has no concern for small business owners even ones who have supported them for almost a decade. If they see an opportunity, they will take it regardless of the negative impact it may have on the people who support a local business or the people and families who look to that business to support themselves.

We at bē HOT YOGA understand the impact the Whyte Ave closure will have on our students and will do what we can to help you during this transition.

We are hoping to either re-open near by or form a partnership with one of the many great yoga studios in the neighbourhood so you will be able to practice your yoga in a convenient location.

In the meantime, we ask you give our 124 Street studio a try. It is a much newer facility with a large yoga room with lots of natural light. Parking is free, easy and plentiful.

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If you have any questions, please call Michael at 780.700.2332 or email

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